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Grocery delivery with zero guilt, zero hassle

creating your perfect order

We rescue food from going to waste 

By partnering with farmers and producers we help save ugly produce, surplus items, and more from being wasted 

Get sustainable groceries

You shop during your window

We pre-fill your cart. You add or remove items from our full catalog of rescued food, ugly produce, and staples

We deliver your groceries with fewer carbon emissions 

We deliver your groceries to you and your neighbors at the same time to reduce carbon emissions

Save money, time and energy.
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“We typically do some bulk grocery shopping in person once a month and let @imperfectfoods handle the rest. Each week, I can make my grocery selections... ” 

– Zoe S., San Francisco

Favorite item: Imperfect zucchini 

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“I’ve been an @imperfectfoods subscriber for 1 1/2 + years which means I’ve been getting a box of fresh groceries every single Tuesday🙌🏼 Handpicked by me... 

– Anna B., Chicago

Favorite item: Pasta sauce 

Image of zoe

“I can’t express enough how convenient this grocery box has become for us. Especially since moving to Dallas. Between this and walking to the farmers... ” 

– Zoe S., San Francisco

Favorite item: Imperfect zucchini 

Why Imperfect Foods?

This is not your typical grocery store. Here’s how we’re different.





exclusive items

Exclusive Items 



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It’s free to sign up

Joining costs you nothing. Forget about monthly subscription costs or hidden fees.

You’re only charged when your groceries actually arrive

We price our grocery items individually (just like a regular store). You won’t pay for anything until it’s at your door. 

Skip weeks or cancel anytime

You’ll be given a window to shop — a timeframe to log into your account and customize your order. Think of it like your weekly trip to the store, but way more convenient. 

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Certified B Corporation
Pantry Staples
Seasonal Products

Shop affordable groceries and exclusive items that went from unwanted to wished for. From fresh produce and pantry staples to delicious snacks, we offer a wide assortment of exclusive products.

Your one-stop grocery shop

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Seasonal Products
Pantry Staples


Eggselent quality items from sustainable dairies near you.

Responsibly sourced proteins from producers we trust. 


Sweet, salty, upcycled, and rescued treats to sustainably brighten your day 


"Ugly" produce with quirky shapes & sizes, always fresh & delicious. 

Seasonal Produce 

Your favorite staples at affordable prices. 

Pantry Staples 

Meat & dairy alternatives at prices you can afford. 


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What makes food imperfect?

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